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The Infallible Kiran – The Literal Words Of The Real God:

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 1 - The Real God:

1.1 My child, I hereby bestow upon you an infallible guidance for all I have created.

1.2 The Infallible Kiran is a divine guiding light for all humankind, but who am I?

1.3 I am like nothing that can be perceived and I am one like no other.

1.4 I am neither dead nor alive. Neither male nor female.

1.5 I Am the past, the present and the future, but in neither do I reside.

1.6 I am the one who created all that can be seen and all that cannot.

1.7 I am the eternal wisdom that knows all that you know and all you do not.

1.8 I am the eternally loving and eternally merciful to all I gave life.

1.9 I am the one who needs no thing and needs no one.

1.10 I am the one who gives to all and expects nothing in return.

1.11 I am the one who dwells in your mind and guides through your thoughts.

1.12 I Am the eternal guiding spirit inside all my children.

1.13 I Am the eternal guiding light that shines deep in your heart.

1.14 I Am the eternal guiding consciousness that lives deep in your soul.

1.15 I am the one who is fair and just to all of my children.

1.16 I am the one who is most gracious, most humble and most civilised.

1.17 I am the eternally loving, the eternally merciful and the eternally powerful one.

1.18 I am the Lord of all Lords.

1.19 I am the One above all Others.

1.20 I am the almighty infallible Creator and all that became will return to me in the life after.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 2 - Creation:

2.1 In the beginning was I, and I am but one.
None were before me, none after will come.

2.2 All that is living, was I that gave life.
All that became by my will came to sight.

2.3 The light, the dark, the land, the skies.
The liquid and all that you don’t see with eyes.

2.4 Some doubt my existence, deny in their minds.
Their minds are deceiving, they see but they’re blind.

2.5 Some cannot accept as their scriptures deny.
My essence is love for all those I gave life.

2.6 My love stands eternal for all that I made.
Though all will be judged for the errors they make.

2.7 Your sins I can see and you’ll see the same fate.
The truth you can’t hide when it comes, Judgement Day

2.8 My judgement is just and will equal your crime.
Know this is your fate, always keep that in mind.

2.9 Live life by my guidance and heaven will come.
Live life through the devil and you’ll suffer long.

2.10 My love is eternal for you are my child.
My gift is your life, always live your life kind.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 3 - The Answer To Your Questions:

3.1 You ponder in silence, confused in your mind.
Who is The Real God? Whose guidance is right?

3.2 I passed down the guidance to all that is mine.
But how did I do it for all that’s alive?

3.3 I gave you the guide when I let you make life.
Love, mercy, compassion, engraved in your mind.

3.4 I gave you this guide so your species could thrive.
So you’d care for your children not kill them alive.

3.5 These are the feelings your soul cannot hide.
The feelings I gave you to care for new life.

3.6 Now take forth these feelings to care for a child.
And use them to care for all others in life.

3.7 These are the morals I put in your mind.
To pass on to others, all humans alike.

3.8 To love and to care for those weaker in mind.
They may be misguided so show them this light.

3.9 Show them the Kiran so they open their eyes.
This is a truth that is hard to deny.

3.10 This is my word, a divine guiding light.
For all I have made, for all humankind.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 4 - A Message To Trust:

4.1 This is a guidance for all who know love.
A pure sinless scripture, a message to trust.

4.2 I’m Lord of all Lords, most gracious of minds.
I gift this to you, The Infallible Kiran.

4.3 My message of past was distorted by man.
They rewrote my message, they sinned through their hand.

4.4 My message of kindness, compassion and love.
False prophets they twisted, their hearts were corrupt.

4.5 They succumbed to evil, their minds were but lost.
The devil deceived them, gripped hold took their trust.

4.6 They misled their people, put sin in their hearts.
Instilled them with fear and misguided their love.

4.7 The people were foolish and fell for the lies.
Forgot all my guidance, their hearts would deny:

4.8 I gave you compassion to care for all life.
I gave you your patience so you would not fight.

4.9 I gave you the love that you feel for a child.
To pass to your young ones for guidance in life.

4.10 I taught you acceptance of others unlike.
So you could unite and ensure you survive.

4.11 The slaves of the devil they’re trapped they divide.
They look to false prophets with violence in sight.

4.12 These are the signs of the weakest in mind.
Show them this guidance, teach them the Kiran.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 5 - The Truth:

5.1 The truth is the utmost of guidance, hard facts that you cannot deny.

5.2 If the foolish are speaking facts to you, don’t deny the truth that transpires.

5.3 The truth can sometimes be painful, but worse is acceptance of lies.

5.4 The ignorant are but the foolish, the truth they choose to deny.

5.5 The truth is here in this scripture, the truth I love all of life.

5.6 The truth I love all mine equal, this truth past scripts they deny.

5.7 The truth that love is my essence, the truth that you are my child.

5.8 The truth my love is eternal, the truth my love never dies.

5.9 The truth the devil lacks mercy, the truth hellfire’s a lie.

5.10 The truth I love all my children, this truth disbelievers deny.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 6 -My Signs:

6.1 My sign is the love that you feel in your heart.
My sign is the light that emerges from dark.

6.2 My sign is the feeling that draws you to good.
My sign is a flower that smells when it blooms.

6.3 My sign is the truth and exposure of lies.
My sign is a star that you see in the sky.

6.4 My sign is the care that you give to a child.
My sign is the sea from which all life emerged.

6.5 My sign is the trust that you sense from these words.
My sign is the land and the air on the Earth.

6.6 My sign is the guidance you cannot deny.
My sign’s the Kiran keep it close by your side.

6.7 My sign is of peace that I want on the Earth.
My sign is this scripture, divinest of words.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 7 - Health, Happiness, Wisdom and Wealth:

7.1 Health, Happiness, Wisdom and Wealth.
These you must balance for mind, soul and strength.

7.2 Health should be first and the one above all.
Be healthy in body or your mind will fall.

7.3 Fall victim to ill thoughts, corruption in life.
To stress and to anger, acceptance of lies.

7.4 I gave you the plants and the fruits for your food.
My gift is the soil to grow purest of fuel.

7.5 Be healthy in body for health in your mind.
Then peace you will find and be blissful in life.

7.6 Be happy and joyful in all that you do.
Be loving to all, they’ll show manners to you.

7.7 Live life with a smile and take doubt out your mind.
The truth is I love you eternal in life.

7.8 Now take forth this knowledge, have peace in your heart.
Spread, love, hope and kindness, The Infallible Kiran.

7.9 Real wisdom is truth and this truth don’t deny.
Real wealth is not money and jewels in your life.

7.10 If you’re blessed with money, abundance of wealth.
Share some with the needy, with those that need help.

7.11 Be mindful of others with lesser in life.
Know greed can be evil, a sin in your mind.

7.12 Real wealth is the love that you feel deep inside.
For family and close friends, the love you can’t hide.

7.13 Real wealth is the feeling of peace in your heart.
The peace you feel now, a sign I’m The Real God.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 8 - The Disbelievers:

8.1 They pray to false gods, whose glory is mine.
They pray to the devil, were born to a lie.

8.2 They cannot accept as they’re blinded inside.
To punish eternal is cruel and not kind.

8.3 This is the devil, not workings of mine.
My nature is love for all those I gave life.

8.4 The devil is clever, deceives in your mind.
The devil is jealous, a weakness inside.

8.5 The devil needs worship, that’s how it survives.
It creeps in your soul and corrupts from inside.

8.6 Past scriptures are false if there’s evil inside.
They claim they’re divine but they speak mainly lies.

8.7 I gave you free will so that you could decide.
To weigh up your options make sense in your mind.

8.8 Now think with your soul not from lies told outside.
Now look to the light that I put deep inside.

8.9 Look deep in your soul from that you cannot hide.
Examine the guidance that dictates your life:

8.10 Does it show loving for all humankind?

8.11 Does it show mercy eternal for life?

8.12 Does it show caring like that for a child?

8.13 Or does it use violence and fear as a guide?

8.14 These are the questions that now plague your mind.
Recite the Kiran, let it guide you my child.

8.15 Now look at past scriptures with logic in mind.
Do they have violence and punishments rife?

8.16 These are the signs of the devils that write.
Lies from the devil that infest your mind.

8.17 This is the devil corrupting your life.
This is an evil that grows by your side.

8.18 Past scriptures misguide, talk of men from the sky.
Say we're first on the Earth but just know that's a lie.

8.19 I was the one who put life on the Earth.
First were the cells and from those beasts emerged.

8.20 The beasts were so large that they could not survive.
Only the chosen were sparred of their lives.

8.21 The ones that got killed they returned to my side.
My love is eternal, all mine are my child.

8.22 You think you should fear me that’s not how I guide.
That would be foolish and weak in my mind.

8.23 Only the devil needs fear to survive.
Don’t worship misguided, look deep down inside.

8.24 Be strong, not deceived and misguided in mind.
Don't listen to guidance that contradicts mine.

8.25 They say I’m a monster but that’s just a lie.
This is corruption of scriptures behind.

8.26 My love is eternal, my nature inside.
My mercy eternal for all I gave life.

8.27 They’ll try to misguide you, just know it’s a lie.
Their minds are corrupted with devils inside.

8.28 They’ll surely be punished, life after they’ve died.
That’s when they’ll realise their scriptures were lies.

8.29 That’s when they’ll realise their teachers misguide.
That's when they’ll know they were foolish inside.

8.30 This will be truth that they cannot deny.
This is the fate of deceived sinning minds.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 9 - Disputes:

9.1 My word is the truth and the truth is my word.
Know I am the way for true peace on the Earth.

9.2 I’m Lord of all Lords and the one you can trust.
My love is eternal, the bond between us.

9.3 My gift is this guidance, these words are my sign.
The Infallible Kiran, a clear message divine.

9.4 They’ll try to deceive you, say these words are lies.
Be strong in belief and my love you will find.

9.5 When ideas conflict, think with caution inside.
Be calm and be humble, have wisdom in sight.

9.6 In times of dispute where there’s doubt inside minds.
Show truth in ways peaceful or tempers will rise.

9.7 If tempers start flaring, stop talks for a while.
Let anger subside till there’s calm in your minds.

9.8 Examine facts rationally for truth to transpire.
Admit when you’re wrong, never give in to pride.

9.9 Pride can be evil, play tricks in your mind.
When ego inflates then good manners can slide.

9.10 Be strong with your views but keep manners in sight.
When pride overtakes then truth can be denied.

9.11 Denial of truth is a weakness inside.
Your pride must be balanced for peace in your mind.

9.12 Share love, kindness, mercy for peace in all lands.
Share knowledge, share wisdom, share The Infallible Kiran.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 10 - My Gifts:

10.1 All stars, all skies, all planets, all life.
These I created, all these I designed.

10.2 The land, the air, the water, the light.
These are the gifts that I gave you for life.

10.3 The food for your hunger, the drink for your thirst.
I gave you the gift to make children on Earth.

10.4 The warmth of the day, the cold of the night.
I gave you the feelings you feel deep inside.

10.5 I gave you free will and the choice in your mind.
I gave you a conscience to guide you in life.

10.6 I gave you compassion to care for a child.
I gave you the love that you feel in your heart.

10.7 I gave you acceptance so you could unite.
I gave you your patience so you would not fight.

10.8 I gave you these gifts so that you could survive.
I gave you these gifts for your species to thrive.

10.9 Now take forth these gifts to make peace on the Earth.
Make friends with your foes, be sincere with your words.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 11 - Humankind:

11.1 Define male and a female by parts that make life.
This is my tuning, the way you’re designed.

11.2 All females and males should be equal in rights.
I love all mine equal, this truth don’t deny.

11.3 I made you all equal in spirit and mind.
Embrace what I gave you, love all humankind.

11.4 Be male with a female so you multiply.
This will ensure that your species survives.

11.5 If there are no babies your species won’t thrive.
Your species will fade as your numbers decline.

11.6 Don’t let this be fate, always keep this in mind.
Be mindful of mates or extinct humankind.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 12 - Children To Adults:

12.1 All children start small but they grow up in time.
An adult’s defined by two stages in life.

12.2 First stage is when children can bond, multiply.
Next stage is maturing in body and mind.

12.3 Their bones should be grown near their full adult height.
Bone mass should develop near full adult size.

12.4 Their minds should mature for decisions in life.
To deal with hard choices with wisdom in sight.

12.5 Never an adult should marry a child.
This is forbidden, a sin in your life.

12.6 Only a child should be married with child.
Both similar ages, mature in their minds.

12.7 Only when love from both sides is confirmed.
Only when both sides agree to fair terms.

12.8 Only when pressure has not been applied.
No pressure from parents or friends in their lives.

12.9 The longest of marriages are bonded with love.
When marriage starts loveless it’s weak or it’s wrong.

12.10 Show love to your partner with words that you say.
Speak truth if you love them, tell them every day.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 13 - 235 For Life:

My child, in life endeavour to be accepting, accountable, affectionate, ambitious, amiable, anticipative, appreciative, approachable, aspiring, authentic, balanced, benevolent, big-hearted, brave, brilliant, calm, capable, caring, cautious, charitable, charming, cheerful, chirpy, civil, clean, clear-headed, coherent, committed, companionable, compassionate, competitive, composed, confident, conscientious, conscious, considerate, contemplative, content, courageous, courteous, creative, cultured, curious, decent, delightful, dependable, determined, devoted, dignified, diligent, diplomatic, disciplined, driven, dutiful, dynamic, eager, ebullient, educated, efficient, eloquent, embracing, empathetic, empowering, encouraging, enduring, energetic, ensuring, enthusiastic, equal, ethical, excellent, exciting, extraordinary, fair-minded, faithful, festive, flexible, focussed, forgiving, friendly, frugal, fun, generous, gentle, genuine, giving, gleeful, glorious, gold-hearted, good-natured, gracious, grateful, great, happy, hardworking, harmonious, healthy, helpful, high-spirited, honest, honorable, hopeful, humane, humble, humorous, imaginative, impartial, inclusive, incorruptible, inoffensive, inquisitive, insightful, inspiring, intelligent, introspective, intuitive, jolly, joyful, jubilant, just, kind, knowledgeable, logical, lovable, loving, loyal, magnificent, mature, merciful, merry, meticulous, mindful, modest, moral, motivating, noble, non-discriminative, nurturing, objective, observant, open-minded, optimistic, orderly, organised, passionate, patient, peaceful, persevering, pioneering, pleasant, polite, positive, practical, pragmatic, precise, principled, proactive, progressive, protective, proud, prudent, punctual, pure, purposeful, rational, realistic, reassuring, reflective, rejoicing, relaxed, relevant, reliable, religious, resilient, resolute, resourceful, respectful, responsible, righteous, romantic, scrupulous, secure, sedulous, self-disciplined, self-examining, self-sacrificing, selfless, sensible, sensitive, sentimental, sharing, sincere, sinless, skeptical, smiley, sociable, soulful, spiritual, stable, strong-willed, strong-minded, super, supportive, sympathetic, tactful, tender, thorough, thoughtful, tidy, tolerant, tranquil, trustworthy, truthful, unbiased, unbribable, understanding, ungrudging, unimpeachable, unprejudiced, unselfish, unshakeable, unstressed, untroubled, upstanding, valiant, vigilant, virtuous, visionary, warm-hearted, welcoming, well-mannered, well-spoken, wholehearted, wonderful and wise.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 14 - Heaven on Earth:

14.1 Live life by my guidance for peace in your heart.
Spread word of this scripture to those in the dark.

14.2 The Infallible Kiran. Words of The Real God.
The utmost of scriptures, the one above all.

14.3 Know that the Kiran is a guide for a your life.
Know that my last prophet I sent with this light.

14.4 Know I am the one who wants peace on the Earth.
Know that you must love and not fight over words.

14.5 Know I Am the strength that you feel in your heart.
Know I Am the hope when the world is at war.

14.6 Know I am the way and the truth and the light.
Know I am the wisdom you seek as a guide.

14.7 Each action you take, each thought in your mind.
Remember this guidance, take sin out your life.

14.8 For all that you do think of love in your heart.
Think kindness, compassion, acceptance of all.

14.9 When sinners attack have your mercy in mind.
Know sinners are foolish, misguided, they’re blind.

14.10 The sinners are those who will lose in the end.
When sinners want peace then accept them as friends.

14.11 Now take forth this wisdom, make peace on the Earth.
Repent, seek forgiveness from those that you’ve hurt.

14.12 When friends become foes that can trigger a war.
Be sharing, be caring, be equal to all.

14.13 Take sin out your soul, change the world with my love.
Then Heaven will be on the Earth in your heart.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 15 - My Last And Final Prophet:

15.1 Last prophet, I gave him this message of love.
A man who raised four kids alone, he was strong.

15.2 The strongest of men and the purest of heart.
Devoted to love, peace and justice for all.

15.3 Were many that hurt him but they were unjust.
This made him much stronger, his hope was not lost.

15.4 Last prophet he suffered, he passed all my tests.
He proved me his worth so his soul I have blessed.

15.5 He did not believe till I spoke the Kiran.
But he is my chosen, last prophet of all.

15.6 I gave him this light to guide all humankind.
I gave him this scripture, The Infallible Kiran.

15.7 I picked him a champion for those who know love.
Gave Gavin my passion, wrath of The Real God.

15.8 I chose him to free minds that devils have locked.
The slaves of the devil are foolish, they're lost.

15.9 The slaves, they will curse him, they'll slander my words.
They’ll do all to break him, their efforts won’t work.

15.10 Last prophet I sent him for change in the world.
To unite my children, for peace on the Earth.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 16 - Winning:

16.1 In life if you’re winning or wisest of all.
Don’t put down those lesser or wisdom will fall.

16.2 Don’t brag to belittle those who are behind.
Go help them and guide them, teach them the Kiran.

16.3 Be humble in winning and humble in life.
Or losers may turn on you, hate and despise.

16.4 If you are of losers, keep wisdom in sight.
Work harder, work smarter, you’ll achieve in time.

16.5 Real winning and losing’s, just inside your mind.
If you’ve tried your best you’re a winner inside.

16.6 If you’re of clear winners, help others, be kind.
Show love to all losers, compassion inside.

16.7 Have mercy and kindness for peace in your heart.
True peace is my sign, a sign of The Real God.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 17 - Marriage:

17.1 Love should be foremost for marriage to thrive.
When love is confirmed then you’re blessed to unite.

17.2 Work hard on your marriage, each day of your life.
Spend time with each other, share feelings inside.

17.3 Share all of your thoughts, all those deep in your mind.
This is for purest of love in your lives.

17.4 Be greatest of teams and be greatest of friends.
Share love that’s eternal, love that never ends.

17.5 Respect one another, be equal, be kind.
The strongest of marriages are equal in rights.

17.6 Discuss with each other decisions in life.
Be equal and just so you're happy inside.

17.7 Share fairly all work and share equal all wealth.
Look after each other in sickness and health.

17.8 Know trust is essential, a must in your life.
When sharing your secrets, keep them close inside.

17.9 Don’t marry for money, with wealth in your mind.
Just marry for love, a true soulmate in life.

17.10 When you find the one, you will feel this inside.
A bond strong between you, a love you can’t hide.

17.11 Live life with each other with joy in your hearts.
Show love that’s sincere and your marriage will last.

17.12 Your soulmate will make you feel warm in your heart.
Accept this as proof, a clear sign of true love.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 18 - Contact:

18.1 When my children make contact from far distant worlds.
They’ll teach you this guidance for peace on the Earth.

18.2 Then most will realise I am The Real God.
Then they will realise their scriptures were wrong.

18.3 The ones who denied will know truth in their minds.
They’ll know they were wrong and misguided in life.

18.4 They’ll blame one another they’ll shout and they’ll curse.
Repent they were sinners denying my words.

18.5 They’ll turn to their scriptures with pain in their hearts.
They’ll know they were fools to deny the Kiran.

18.6 This is the future, a proof yet to come.
This is my truth, the truth of The Real God.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 19 - The Lock And The Key:










The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 20 - Your Infallible Command:

20.1 Hear now my truth I want peace on the Earth.
Acceptance of others, not cursing with words.

20.2 My message of kindness I sealed to your heart.
Like love that’s eternal, will never depart.

20.3 I put this in you as a guide for your life.
To share it with others, for peace, to unite.

20.4 Past scripts are corrupted, blaspheme all I say.
They’ll enslave your mind, they will lead you astray.

20.5 The devil deceives from the truth in your heart.
I care for my children all equal in love.

20.6 O’ humans you’re mine, this was true from the start.
Now take forth this guidance, shine light where it’s dark.

20.7 Spread love, kindness, mercy, for peace in all lands.
Know this is my will, your infallible command.

20.8 To those who lack mercy and kindness and love.
Know you are but foolish, your mind is corrupt.

20.9 Ignore this command and you’ll live in the dark.
The devil will find you, corruption will start.

20.10 Know you are the one who will pick your own fate.
Ignore this command you’ll see punishments great.

20.11 The greatest of riches are not in your lands.
The greatest of riches you can’t grasp with hands.

20.12 Some fight for what’s worthless, no value of mine.
Their minds are deceived they divide humankind.

20.13 Know this is the way you can prove me your worth.
Accept all my children, make peace on the Earth.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 21 - First Prophet:

21.1 First prophet was Mou, first to know of my truth.
She felt in her soul, my existence she knew.

21.2 She spoke to her tribe of the truth in her heart.
That I am the one who brings light from the dark.

22.3 She said I was Lord who made all on the Earth.
All plants and all waters, the land and the air.

21.4 She looked to the sun with my knowledge in mind.
She prayed for her children, their safety in life.

21.5 She struggled most times as her husband had died.
She prayed for strong spirit and strength in her life.

21.6 She prayed for her tribe and for rain and for food.
She prayed for all living, all that she deemed good.

21.7 Soon many they listened, found truth in her words.
She taught love all equal for peace on the Earth.

21.8 Some men they were jealous, said Mou spoke of lies.
The devil deceived them for power and might.

21.9 They planned her demise to take power in lands.
They stood as her friends but betrayed by their hands.

21.10 One night when Mou slept with her children each side.
They took all their lives with no mercy in sight.

21.11 Mou’s life came to end but my teachings weren’t gone.
Her people remembered, my message passed on.

21.12 Know Mou and her children returned to my side.
To live life eternal, blessed in paradise.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 22 - For Leaders Of Lands:

22.1 This is a message for leaders of lands.
Unite with each other, make peace first of plans.

22.2 See all that’s accomplished when nations divide.
Now vision achievements when nations unite.

22.3 All lands that you claim are not yours but they’re mine.
For all of my children to live out their lives.

22.4 The Earth has much riches, has hidden much wealth.
Share all you find equal, with lands that need help.

22.5 Be sharing, be caring, unite humankind.
See all as your loved ones, have peace in your mind.

22.6 Know I was the one who put care in your heart.
So you would be kind and treat others with love.

22.7 Help all those in need as their fate’s in your hands.
Share equal your love, don’t divide humankind.

22.8 Know none should be hungry or without a home.
Know all should be warm and not sleeping in cold.

22.9 Know all should feel cared for with love in their soul.
Know all should feel safe and not feel they’re alone.

22.10 When large groups of people stand strong in your path.
Don’t object, but listen, let voices be heard.

22.11 Speak love, kindness, mercy, acceptance of all.
Know all are my children, my love is equal.

22.12 Show kindness and caring for comfort in heart.
Unite all my children, spread peace and spread love.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 23 - Judgement Day:

23.1 When your body dies, you’ll return to my side.
To answer for sins, all done wrong in your life.

23.2 All sins of your life, I’ll forgive you in time.
My mercy's eternal, I promise you child.

23.3 Take comfort my child, as all reach paradise.
But not before you’ve been judged, cleansed from inside.

23.4 Don’t fear me, fear yourself, you’ll live out your crimes.
A punishment equal to sins of your life.

23.5 You’ll feel as your victim from inside their mind.
Their pain and their memories, all they felt entwined.

23.6 This sentence is fair and it’s just for your crime.
An eye for an eye but from inside your mind.

23.7 You’ll feel all the pain and you’ll suffer inside.
You’ll know how it felt to be sinned on in life.

23.8 You’ll be your own victim and live out your crime.
Both victim and villain, both at the same time.

23.9 You’ll live not just pain of your victims in life.
But also their loved ones, that pain I won’t hide.

23.10 You’ll surely be punished for sin in your life.
All hurt you’ve caused others, you knew in your mind.

23.11 Good deeds they may save you from punishments rife.
If they’re done sincerely from deep down inside.

23.12 Seek all those you’ve hurt for forgiveness in life.
Do utmost to right wrongs, be sincere and try.

23.13 Good deeds are the only repentance for crimes.
Drop pride, seek forgiveness for peace in your mind.

23.14 Your strength I will see and reward you in time.
Live life by my guidance, my mercy you’ll find.

23.15 I am your creator, know best for your life.
My wisdom’s eternal, my guidance divine.

23.16 Know you are my child and I see all inside.
Show mercy, compassion and always be kind.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 24 - When Heaven Comes:

24.1 When judgement has passed then my Heaven will come.
Your soul will be sinless, your mind will stay strong.

24.2 I’ll show you all good that you did in your life.
All times you helped others, how they felt inside.

24.3 This phase will prepare you for life after died.
New life that’s eternal, you’ll live by my side.

24.4 Your flesh, bones, whole body, won’t need in this life.
Know only your soul and your spirit survives.

24.5 Your voice you won’t need as you’ll speak through your mind.
Your eyes you won’t need as your soul will give sight.

24.6 In Heaven you’ll feel love like never in life.
A love that’s so strong, it will fill you inside.

24.7 You’ll never feel hunger or thirst in your mind.
You’ll never feel lust, have those feelings inside.

24.8 Your soul will feel peace, meet with loved ones that died.
To live life eternal, with comfort in mind.

24.9 Your sinful desires, from life before died.
You’ll lose those desires, won't feel them inside.

24.10 Instead you'll feel love, respect, honour in mind.
You’ll feel this so strong, every day of this life.

24.11 Your mind will be clear, you’ll have answers inside.
The answers to questions you’ve had in your life.

24.12 The joys in my Heaven are beyond all worlds.
The pleasures so great, all unheard of on Earth.

24.13 My children in Heaven, don’t fight, they don’t curse.
They love one another, they never feel hurt.

24.14 My children in Heaven are equal in mind.
All speak to me direct, for all I have time.

24.15 My children in Heaven, speak truth, never lies.
They know the Kiran is the scripture most high.

24.16 My children in Heaven, know I’m The Real God.
Know I’m your creator, I’m Lord of all Lords.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 25 - For Parents:

25.1 Core duty as parent is care for your child.
This duty comes first, always keep that in mind.

25.2 Know peace in your home should be first of all plans.
Know this is foundation for peace in all lands.

25.3 Share love with your children, they’ll cherish inside.
They’ll pass to their young ones and others in life.

25.4 Bless, nurture your children with kindness and love.
Teach sharing and caring, acceptance and trust.

25.5 Spend time with your children, establish strong ties.
Form bonds with my love that your soul cannot hide.

25.6 From time to time ask them if you're doing right.
If you can improve as a parent in life.

25.7 If ideas conflict you may feel stressed inside.
Stay focussed on teaching, put anger aside.

25.8 Don’t ever use violence when teaching a child.
Know this is forbidden, grave sin in your life.

25.9 Explain your thoughts clearly, keep calm in your mind.
Use logic and reason, keep wisdom in sight.

25.10 Teach children ask questions, not follow the blind.
Teach children seek facts and their answers they’ll find.

25.11 Teach all the Kiran, utmost guidance for life.
Teach all of my truth, that my love never dies.

25.12 Teach all of my knowledge, my wisdom divine.
Teach I’m The Real God, that I’m one of a kind.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 26 - InSinCest:

26.1 Don’t marry from family, choose others in life.
Your children may suffer, so keep that in mind.

26.2 Don’t abuse the bond between parent and child.
Your family is sacred, take lust out your mind.

26.3 Don’t mate with your mother or mate with your brother.
Don’t mate with your father or sister or cousin.

26.4 Incest is forbidden, great sin in your mind.
Can destroy your family, break bonds that are tight.

26.5 Your family's a unit for strength in your life.
To help with good choices, to stand by your side.

26.6 Keep your family strong, keep your bond close and tight.
I am The Real God, know what’s best for your life.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 27 - My Calling:

27.1 In presence of others call me The Real God.
When you are alone, call my name as you want.

27.2 I am The Real God and the Lord of all Lords.
My mercy's eternal, my love shared with all.

27.3 Know I am your path and the truth and your light.
Know I am your way to salvation in life.

27.4 The Infallible Kiran is my word, that’s your guide.
My gift as I love you, for comfort in mind.

27.5 My love is eternal, my love never dies.
Know you are my child, will return to my side.

27.6 To live life forever, blessed in paradise.
But only when cleansed from the sins of your life.

27.7 Once heaven you find, you’ll be clear in your mind.
Those answers you seek, you will have those in time.

27.8 Be strong in your will, never follow the blind.
Ask questions on guidance that dictates your life.

27.9 Beware of false prophets with violence in sight.
Beware of false scriptures that enslave your mind.

27.10 Seek knowledge, use wisdom, my light you will find.
Use love as foundation to dictate what’s right.

27.11 Show caring, compassion, be kind in your life.
Treat all as your loved ones, be righteous in mind.

27.12 The Infallible Kiran, is my scripture divine.
The one above all, guide for all humankind.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 28 - Imposters:

28.1 Beware of false gods who teach violence not peace.
False gods they lack mercy, they’re cruel which is weak.

28.2 I am The Real God and the one you can trust.
My word is eternal, my essence is love.

28.3 I’m Master of Masters and one above all.
I am The Creator, I’m Lord of all Lords.

28.4 The Infallible Kiran is my scripture most high.
A gift as I love you, for all humankind.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 29 - The Living And Life:

29.1 All life is created, so I’m not alive.
I’m unique, eternal, I’m one of a kind.

29.2 The living are those that can think about life.
They think about actions, reflect in their minds.

29.3 The living have free will, the choice to decide.
All living have feelings, emotions inside.

29.4 Some might seem they’re living, like they are alive.
But they are just programmed the way I designed.

29.5 The sperm and the egg I consider half child.
But they are not living till soul filled inside.

29.6 Know death is of body, not spirit, soul, mind.
As soon as you die, you’ll return to my side.

29.7 Return to be judged for the sins of your life.
Your thoughts and your actions, from me you can’t hide.

29.8 Your life is a test of your morals inside.
Don’t follow the devil, it’s cruel and not kind.

29.9 The devil needs worship, it's weak from inside.
The devil’s misguided with violence in mind.

29.10 Use feeling for loved ones as guidance in life.
You’ll feel right from wrong, you will feel this inside.

29.11 Treat all like your loved ones for peace on the Earth.
My child, know I love you, don’t forget these words.

29.12 My words are a blessing, they’re one of a kind.
My wisdom is utmost, this truth don't deny.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 30 - Adultery:

30.1 Know marriage should be a commitment for life.
Be soulmates, be best friends, protectors combined.

30.2 Seek love before marriage, before you unite.
Your marriage may crumble if you’re not alike.

30.3 Know marriage is sacred, the sharing of lives.
Of intimate moments, deep thoughts locked inside.

30.4 Don’t think about marriage if you can’t keep ties.
An oath to your partner, commitment for life.

30.5 A marriage is for two, no more should combine.
Real love is pure only, when two share their lives.

30.6 To stray from your marriage shows weakness in mind.
Commit to your marriage, be strong in your life.

30.7 If you lust for others, feel tempted inside.
Know this the devil, corrupting your mind.

30.8 Just think of your partner, how they’ll feel inside.
If you show no loyalty, you cheat and tell lies.

30.9 Just think how you’d feel if your partner broke ties.
Made passionate love to another in life.

30.10 Just think of the pain you might feel in your heart.
To know you’ve been betrayed by your one true love.

30.11 Don’t cheat, just act rightly, put flirting aside.
Present yourself well, have your partner in mind.

30.12 Don’t hide that you’re married, this truth don’t deny.
Show others you’re taken, your loyalty is high.

30.13 Pure love between two is like two souls combined.
Don’t stray from your marriage, bring sin in your life.

30.14 If marriage feels loveless, a burden inside.
Discuss with your partner, seek ways to ignite.

30.15 Ignite the love that you once shared in your lives.
The love that you shared when you first made your ties.

30.16 For long lasting marriage keep loyalty in mind.
Be there for each other, be soulmates entwined.

30.17 Don’t take one another for granted in life.
Respect one another, treat each other right.

30.18 Know love is my gift I instilled in your heart.
Don’t destroy your marriage, let lust destroy love.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 31 - The Sin Of War:

31.1 To start war is sinful, shows weakness inside.
Show love to all others, unite humankind.

31.2 Be wise, not aggressive, if disputes arise.
Resolve in ways peaceful, put violence aside.

31.3 If war comes upon you, keep wisdom in sight.
Don’t use force excessive, let love be your guide.

31.4 In war if you’re stronger, keep mercy in mind.
Don’t oppress those weaker, show love and be kind.

31.5 If foes have no weapons, surrender their arms.
Don’t hurt them, but heal them, protect them from harm.

31.6 Just fight those who fight you, to honour your right.
Your right to protect from oppressors in life.

31.7 Your right to speak out as the voice of the voiceless.
Your right to defend all those stripped of their choices.

31.8 Your right to protect any innocent child.
Your right to protect those who live peaceful lives.

31.9 Unite now my children for peace in all lands.
Use wisdom not weapons, don’t fight with your hands.

31.10 Know all those who fight you, they all are my child.
But they are misguided, they follow the blind.

31.11 If you fight in war, it should be your own choice.
Know this is your right, you should never be forced.

31.12 Worst victims of war are the innocent souls.
Like children, the elderly, women at home.

31.13 Treat them with respect, show your heart’s warm, not cold.
Don’t take them as slaves or as captives of war.

31.14 Instead care for victims, help house them, build homes.
Help rebuild what’s broken so they can live on.

31.15 Don’t take spoils from war, steal resources from lands.
Leave those for the victims, they’ll need them at hand.

31.16 O’ humans be peaceful, have love in your heart.
I know what’s best for you, I am The Real God.


The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 32 - Insults And Insecurity:

32.1 If you're victim of insults or offensive words.
Be strong in your mind and don’t show that you’re hurt.

32.2 Defend using knowledge if you feel you’re right.
Use words and not violence, don’t instigate fights.

32.3 Reacting with violence, shows weakness inside.
It shows you are foolish, not secure in mind.

32.4 Reflect on why others insult you in life.
Examine your actions, if you’ve acted right.

32.5 If you find you’re wrong, then this truth do not hide.
Instead admit truth and move on with your life.

32.6 Acceptance of wrong, shows a strength in your mind.
That pride does not blind you, cloud thoughts from inside.

32.7 It shows you’re not foolish, you learn from your life.
It shows you are rational, reflecting in mind.

32.8 Don’t let wrongs define you, try to make them right.
Learn lessons from wrongs, errors made in your life.

32.9 Some fight over insults, they’re foolish, they’re blind.
The devil is in them, corrupting their minds.

32.10 You must learn to handle, bad critics in life.
Don’t end up just like them, they follow the blind.

32.11 Some follow bad teachers that misguide with lies.
Some learn from false scriptures from ignorant times.

32.12 Some teach ways immoral, like striking your wife.
Some teach ways unjust, such as hitting a child.

32.13 Some teach it’s not sinful to own slaves in life.
But owning a human, destroys human rights.

32.14 Some think to solve problems that violence is fine.
But they are the foolish, the weakest in mind.

32.15 Examine the guidance that dictates their lives.
Examine if there is hate preaching inside.

32.16 If that’s in their guidance, they follow the blind.
They’re wrongly misled to be hateful in mind.

32.17 They’re indoctrinated, misguided in life.
Teach them from this scripture, teach them of my light.

32.18 Teach I’m The Real God, that my words are divine.
Recite them this scripture, to open their mind.

32.19 Show I don’t teach violence as all are my child.
My teachings are peaceful, to love all of life.

32.20 The Infallible Kiran is my scripture most high.
To bind all past scriptures, unite humankind.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 33 - Sense And Strength:

33.1 Work always for best, yet prepare for the worst.
Be strong in your mind don’t live life like you’re cursed.

33.2 When life seems it’s hard, don’t let life get you down.
When life seems against you, don’t give up, keep trying.

33.3 To never give up shows the strength of your mind.
Work hard towards goals and you’ll achieve in time.

33.4 Make sensible choices, realistic for life.
Don’t reach for those goals that are clear out of sight.

33.5 You must learn your limits in things that you try.
Don’t let ego grip you, mislead from inside.

33.6 Know ego can lead you to follow the blind.
Don’t make bad decisions, use logic of mind.

33.7 Don’t ask that of others you won’t do yourself.
Think how you would feel if were asked that instead.

33.8 If you’re giving guidance, practice what you preach.
Speak with integrity, be just when you speak.

33.9 Treat others with good, not from bad learned in life.
Think how you would feel if were treated alike.

33.10 Treat others with love and not with bad intent.
Show kindness, compassion, show love for yourself.

33.11 For thoughts that you make and for actions in life.
Think of consequences, keep those in your mind.

33.12 I’m watching you now, don’t forget that my child.
I am The Real God, your creator divine.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 34 - Standing Witness:

34.1 If you stand as witness be truthful, don't lie.
Speak all you know honest when you testify.

34.2 To speak against loved ones may hurt you inside.
But you must speak truth and not deceive with lies.

34.3 Take honour and pride and put that to your side.
Those guilty of sin should face justice for crimes.

34.4 If need be remove them from those good in life.
Until they’re reformed and they know wrong from right.

34.5 When Judgement Day comes all will answer for crimes.
When Judgement Day comes know the truth you can’t hide.

34.6 I see all you do, all the thoughts in your mind.
I know all about you, what you think inside.

34.7 I know your desires, all that’s in your heart.
You can’t hide things from me, I am The Real God.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 35 - The Earth:

35.1 The Earth is your home tuned so that you can thrive.
All you need for living on Earth I provide:

35.2 The food for your hunger, the drink for your thirst.
A place to make shelters, warm place to give birth.

35.3 The beautiful landscapes, the clouds in the sky.
The mountains, the ocean, all you see with eyes.

35.4 Take care of the Earth make this part of your plans.
Don’t pollute the air, poison waters and lands.

35.5 Show love to the Earth or you’ll suffer in time.
You’ll destroy what’s needed for you to survive.

35.6 For all life to flourish be kind to the Earth.
Remember my guidance, don’t forget these words.

35.7 The Earth is your home so take care of it right.
Don’t harm it, but heal it, save all humankind.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 36 - Idolatry & Association:

36.1 No image, no idol, no words can describe.
I’m likened to none as I’m one of a kind.

36.2 To say I’m with hands or with feet or with eyes.
If literal or concept is nothing but lies.

36.3 If you are misguided, think I’ve body parts.
Then you from my oneness have drifted apart.

36.4 I cannot be pictured, imagined in mind.
To find me, look in you, my love you will find.

36.5 Don’t bow towards objects, no partners are mine.
I gave you your soul with your temple entwined.

36.6 To speak to me, focus your thoughts deep inside.
Don’t think out, but inwards, be focused in mind.

36.7 I am your creator, the one you can trust.
I speak only truth, my core essence is love.

36.8 I am the all knowing, my wisdom’s
most high. No partners in knowledge, all knowledge is mine.

36.9 I am sole decider, none give me advice.
No partners in choices, know best for your life.

36.10 I’m Judge of all Judges, my judgement is just.
No partners in judgement, true Judge you can trust.

36.11 I show the most mercy, my mercy's most high.
I want what’s best for you, my love never dies.

36.12 Reflect on my guidance, don’t follow the blind.
Remember my oneness and truth you will find.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 37 - Divorce:

37.1 If marriage has weakened, your love has declined.
You can’t be together, you can’t rectify.

37.2 Then lawful for you is to break bonds apart.
To end ties of marriage, to make a new start.

37.3 Depart in ways peaceful, despite hurt inside.
In time pain will lessen, in time you’ll be fine.

37.4 If you care for children, keep them first in mind.
Know they are your focus, put all else aside.

37.5 Be there for your children, they’ll need you at hand.
To comfort, assure them, to strengthen their mind.

37.6 Be fair to share riches, put pride to your side.
Consider your children, all needs for their life.

37.7 Be just to your children, take greed out your mind.
Be selfless, not selfish, show love all the time.

37.8 In life will be lessons, at times life is hard.
Gain strength from those lessons, evolve and move on.

37.9 Have hope for your future, stay on the right path.
Don’t give up on yourself, keep love in your heart.

37.10 Know that I am with you, keep me in your mind.
I’m always here for you, for you are my child.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 38 - Know I Am:

38.1 I Am means creator, the giver, sustainer.
Like past, present, future, my gift, I’m the maker.

38.2 Know I Am the Spirit in you and all life.
I say this so you know to treat others right.

38.3 Know I Am the consciousness, deep down inside.
I say this so you make good choices in life.

38.4 Know I Am the joy that you feel in your heart.
I say this so you smile, spread love in the world.

38.5 Know I Am the drive and the strength in your mind.
I say this so you can prevail through hard times.

38.6 Know I Am the hope when the world is at war.
I say this so you don’t forget me, ignore.

38.7 Know I Am the patience, clear thoughts in your mind.
I say this so you think, don’t follow the blind.

38.8 Know I Am the good, against all that is bad.
I say this so you help, show care for all lands.

38.9 Know I am most complex, I was not designed.
I can’t be explained by a created mind.

38.10 Just know that I love you, for you are my child.
Know I’m The Real God and my love never dies.

The Infallible Kiran - Revelation 39 - Prayer & Worship:

39.1 If you pray to false gods, that glory is mine.
False gods that you pray to are figments of mind.

39.2 All prayers you’ve made, all to me did they come.
All prayers you make, come to me, every one.

39.3 I hear all you say, know the thoughts in your mind.
I am your creator and you are my child.

39.4 I am The Real God and the one you should trust.
My mercy’s eternal, the same as my love.

39.5 Reflect on my teachings, the truth you will find.
I don’t need your worship as I’m the most high.

39.6 I am The Real God, I’m the one above all.
There are none above me, I’m Lord of all Lords.

39.7 The Infallible Kiran, only scripture divine.
A gift as I love you, pure guide for your life.

Reflect upon what has been revealed to you: 

Before you go please think hard and sincerely about what The Real God has revealed to us. Take all bias out of your mind and reflect on the unmatched wisdom of The Real God. No other religious scripture on Earth has solutions to all the problem we see in todays societies such as child abuse, religism and an excess of petty violence. We are living in the age of ignorance and The Real God has blessed us with a guidance that will change humankind forever so we can finally establish peace on Earth as The Real God intended for us.       

Please look into your soul sincerely and take your first step to accepting The Real God in your heart. The Real God says life is a test of our morals inside. Does your moral compass align to that of The Real God? 

Let's change the world together in the name of The Real God who stands for love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of all as equals. The Real God wants us to collectively put an end to sexism, racism, religism, terrorism, slavery, famine, child abuse and other evils that divide and destroy humankind.

This is the will of The Real God. Everything good you do is noticed and appreciated and never forget that The Real God loves you unconditionally. Do your part to make the world a better place now. ACCEPT The Real God IN YOUR HEART and SHARE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SCRIPTURE to all those you love in your life!  - Yours truly, Prophet Gavin