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    Welcome to the website of The Real God

Who is The Real God?

The Real God is in the hearts of all humankind but did you ever wonder if your chosen God truly is The Real God? What if I told you that your truth is not what it seems and that The Real God has chosen a last and final prophet to reveal a divine new message of love, peace and unity for all humankind.

What if I told you that The Real God has revealed a divine guidance above all others in an infallible scripture like no other named The Infallible Kiran. This all powerful new scripture has been revealed to bind all the religious books of the past and ultimately unite humankind. The Real God says that The Infallible Kiran is a scripture of guidance above all others.

What if I tell you that this unmatched heavenly scripture contains the literal, infallible words of The Real God. Will you stand with the disbelievers? Or will you be with those who sincerely know the essence of love and say, “I believe in The Real God and The Infallible Kiran“?

These are the questions The Real God wants you to sincerely ask yourself as a test of your faith. This will be your ultimate test to determine if you really are a believer. This will be a test of your faith like no other. A test of your commitment to love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of all humankind.

The Real God wants you to finally know its truth. A truth unlike any revealed to humankind. A truth you will feel in your heart and soul. A truth like no other in history. This is the untold truth of The Religion of The Real God. Keep reading to discover this truth for yourself.

The video below is from a MIT professor who beautifully describes the attributes of the almighty creator who loves all humankind with a passion. Its lovely to see this from a women who is scientific by profession. This professor is a beautiful example of someone who has nurtured her divine gifts for fulfilment and happiness in life.

What is The Real Gods name? 

If you were wondering what is the real name of God in The Religion of The Real God, the almighty infallible creator has ironically identified itself by the name “The Real God”. This is documented in The Real Gods book above all others called The Infallible Kiran. 

 Outside of the faith there are a wide number of Gods in the world. The name of the God of the Jews is called Yahweh. The God of Christianity is called Jesus or Yahweh. In Hinduism there are many Gods/demi-Gods with names such as Lakshmi, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc. The God of the Islamic faith system is called Allah. All of these Gods have differing values and expectations on those who follow their guidance and are very different in nature. This website is the home of The Real God and i’m going to use it to show you the truth of the one above all others, The Real God.        

Gods Of The World: 

Gods of the world are many in the minds of believers. Lots of humans have an almighty God figure which is their main figurehead for wisdom and guidance. What do these Gods really teach? Which God teaches good? Which God teaches bad? Which God behaves in a way that sets the best example for humankind to follow? Which God sets the best example for young children so they are positively guided from an early age?

The Real God says that no Gods of the world are above the laws of morality as described in The Infallible Kiran. These laws are based around 5 core elements which are love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others.

Think hard about the God that governs your life if you already have one. Does it use fear to guide you instead of wisdom, logic and common sense? Does it show you eternal mercy like a good parent has for their child or if you make a mistake will it toss you in hellfire for eternity? Does your God teach your children to feel superior to others who may have a different faith to you but are just as loving in their thoughts and actions as you are?

Think about the above and how it might affect the minds of  fragile children who may be indoctrinated through corrupt teachings to think that their fellow humans who share the same loving nature as them are going to burn in hellfire in eternity just for worshipping a different God to them.

The Real God says this negative mentality is very unhealthy for the development of a child and will have a detrimental effect on the way they develop mentally. They will lack the ability to genuinely make friends with those of different faith as in the back of their minds they will be thinking that they are superior to others in their community of different faith. This is religism and is a major sin that divides humankind. Racism and religism go hand in hand. Is your chosen God guilty of either of these? 

Gods of the world and their relation to Religism and Racism:

Do you align with the love of God and understand that it wants us to love and not have any hate for each other? Ask yourself if you really want religism to be rife in the world? Religism is just the same as racism. Look what racism and religism have done to the world. Many good loving people have died in the name of religism and racism so as a part of the human race we need to put an end to it. This has now been commanded of us.

Will you take action and stand strong in unity with the true believers? Or will you stand with the disbelievers who have sin in their hearts? You can help rid the world of religism by putting your faith in The Real God of The Infallible Kiran who loves all humankind and only judges on your thoughts and actions.

Thinking negatively about any of The Real Gods children who have done nothing wrong is a sin and it shows you have a hateful mind infected by the devil. Think about all the above, be strong in mind, listen to your heart and do the right thing to heal the world and accept The Real God of The Infallible Kiran in your heart.

Think about the attributes of the existing Gods of the world and if they really set a good example so that all humankind can live in harmony together. The Real God loves all humankind as equals and only judges its children based on their thoughts and actions. If you understand love you will know this in your heart and soul. 

What is the Religion of The Real God?

The Religion of The Real God is a genuine all inclusive religion of peace like no other. The Real God loves all of humankind in ways that are indescribably powerful. The love you feel for your most loved ones such as parents, partners, children or pets is incomparable to the love The Real God has for you and every single human on the planet irrespective of faith.

When you think of The Real God think of the greatest of all parents. Think of a parent who loves their children more than anything on Earth. You are one of these children and your creator wants the very best for you always. This is why The Infallible Kiran has been revealed to establish a new covenant of peace on the Earth. This new religion has been revealed divinely for the betterment of all humankind. It contains a moral guidance above all others that all followers of the faith must abide by for peace in their hearts and on Earth. 

the real god, The Real God | The Religion Of The Real God

The Real God’s core message in The Infallible Kiran:

“For every thought you make, for every action you take, always consider the consequences and act with love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others in mind.” – The Real God   

The Real God says that if all humankind acted with these core values the world would be a much better place and we would unite in peace and love for one another as our creator, the lord of all lords, intended.  

Now ask yourself if you agree that we should all act with love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others in mind? Do you agree that if we all did this, it would make the world a better place? These are the questions you need to sincerely ask yourself right now to establish if you really are a believer and want peace on the Earth. 

If you wholeheartedly believe in the message above and sincerely want peace on the Earth, then take action right now. Share what you have learnt about The Religion Of The Real God and The Infallible Kiran to those who may benefit from the guidance. I’m sure there is someone in your life who seeks the truth. Make a conscious decision to help someone right now by sharing knowledge of this website using any of the blue share buttons below. Never forget that The Real God loves you and appreciates every good deed you do. Help unite humankind and share this message of peace now.

>>Click here now to read the literal words of The Real God in its unaltered divine scripture The Infallible Kiran<<