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Is God Real? – Proof Of Existence:

Is God real proof is something all believers wish they had. Proof of The Real God is firmly sealed in the hearts and thoughts of true believers but how can a non-believer be sure that The Real God exists without concrete proof?

As previously mentioned in my last prophet of The Real God biography, I was a hard headed atheist until I started receiving revelations in 2020 at the age of 40 years. Based on that, I now have all the proof I need of divine existence so there is zero doubt in my mind. The Real God exists and if you are a true believer you will feel this in your heart.

Under the direct command of The Real God I have documented all the revelations have I received so far in a divine infallible scripture of peace called The Infallible Kiran. The Infallible Kiran is an undeniable proof of existence for all humankind. The guidance within is truly divine and The Religion of The Real God has been prophesied to take over the world.

For those still in doubt that The Real God exists, please consider the following arguments before jumping into an unjustified decision that could have a negative impact on your life. Never forget that The Real God made you so knows what’s best for you.

1. God is Real – Infinite Regression Argument – The Uncaused Cause:

2. God is Real – The Ontological Argument: