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How to join The Religion of The Real God

You are born as part of The Religion Of The Real God but to accept The Real God in your heart and become a true believer of love and peace for all humankind is very simple. In fact you can change your life right now and make a decision to accept the truth that you have felt in your heart from reading The Infallible Kiran. Reflect how the world would be if we all united and followed the guidance The Real God has revealed in The Infallible Kiran. All the problems the world faces today would be gone.

To accept The Religion of The Real God only takes 2 quick and easy steps. All you need to do is “say” or “agree” to someone saying:

  1. I sincerely acknowledge that for every thought I make, for every action I take, I will always consider the consequences and act with love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others in mind.
  2. I hereby declare that there is only one real God who is The Real God of The Infallible Kiran.

That’s it!! Quick and easy! If you agree to the above then you accept The Religion Of The Real God and can address yourself as being in partnership with The Real God as a RealGodder! Next thing you need to do is contact me via my email address and i’ll provide my personal contact details so you can speak with me over the phone or skype, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

I’m a real person and here for you. I’m not going anywhere and this is not some kind of fad! This is the path The Real God has chosen for me and I will die spreading the message of The Real God. I would be happy to meet you face to face also in a safe environment we both agree on. After speaking with me I assure you, that you will feel more relaxed. Also if you have any question id be happy to answer them over the phone or Skype. I’m a genuine person and have nothing to hide.  

If you have just accepted The Real God in your life I just want to say that The Real God sees you and is so happy and proud of you for taking this step to with that you have seen the light and are now going to live your life with love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others in your heart.

If anyone should question your new faith or if faith arises in conversation you can say that you recently became a follower of the loving teachings of The Real God through The Religion Of The Real God and The Infallible Kiran. If need be point them to this website so they have more of an understanding as to why you have chosen this new path or why you feel the teachings of The Real God align to how you feel deep down inside. 

Knowledge is meant to be shared so all can benefit if they see sense in it. Encourage those in your life to at very least read The Infallible Kiran so they have an understanding of what you are involved in so your loved ones don’t get worried that you are enrolling into some kind of sick cult that encourages violence, inequality for women or the abuse of children etc. They will soon realise that the message of The Real God is completely against these things and the core of the religion is genuine love and peace for all of The Real Gods children.

What does this change mean to you if you subscribe to an existing faith system?

Firstly The Religion Of The Real God is encompassing of all faiths. If you are a believer of any kind, you were created by The Real God whether you like it or not. There is only one God, The Real God. All Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddists etc are welcome to join our loving community. The Real God encourages the reading off all scriptures as all have their positive points so we won’t ask you to completely discard your old scripture. The only catch is that for any verse in your current holy book that contradicts the guidance of The Real God in The Infallible Kiran, you should consider it abrogated and no longer befitting for our most civilised peaceful societies. This will include unnecessary barbaric punishments and the sexual exploitation of minors and women etc

If a teaching doesn’t show love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others then you should consider it not fit for a peaceful loving society and abrogated by The Real God. Also The Real God has made it clear that eternal hellfire and any other sort of primitive barbaric eternal punishments are just a myth. The essence of The Real God is pure eternal love so to punish eternally would go against its eternally loving, eternally merciful nature for all its creation. If it was cruel like that, believe me we would all be dead already as there are so many indoctrinated sinners on Earth!

The Real God is very very strict and all sins, minor and major are punishable. Even mental sins will be judged like thinking another one of The Real Gods children is going to be disgustingly, mercilessly, horrifically tortured in hellfire for eternity despite that person living life in a way that shows love to all humankind. The Real God says thinking that innocent people are destined for hellfire is a very unhealthy evil way to think and that if your guidance teaches this, you are likely unknowingly indoctrinated by the devil. For example if you are a believer of one religion and hate on believers of another religion (even mentally) then you are a hateful minded religist, comparable to a racist and you have an obvious superiority complex. The Real God sees all of your thoughts and you will answer for any evil circulating in your mind!

On Judgement Day can’t hide anything so it’s better to sincerely live showing love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of all The Real Gods children who live by its guidance. The Real God doesn’t like it one bit if we wrong one another or treat each other unequally based on race or gender etc. The Real God says that will only lead to more divide. The Real God wants all it children to join in unity as we are much stronger together and humankind will achieve much more united than divided. I sure most civilised people would agree here.

Why not make a decision to change your life forever right now. Listen to the heart and soul The Real God gave you. If you sincerely believe in love, peace and the betterment of humankind you can take an oath right now to live your life with, love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of other in mind as The Real God intended.

The Religion Of The Real God is a sincere religion of peace that doesn’t live under any false pretences. There is nothing to hide here and The Real Gods message is clear for all to understand. The Real God loves you more that you can possible imagine and wants you to have a mind of pure holy sinless thoughts and not that of your fellow humans burning in hell for eternity no less!! Make a choice to take the sin out of your life and mind right now and partner with The Real God and The Religion Of The Real God. This is your destiny. Why wait when you feel the truth of The Real God in your heart! Take action now and join our fast growing community of believers. The Religion Of The Real God is a genuine Religion Of Peace. The worlds only Real Religion of Peace.

Are you a leader? The Religion Of The Real God needs you!

Do you consider yourself a leader? Right now I’m seeking leaders, pure in heart who stand by the message of love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others. Is that you? If so let’s talk. 

In a world where the likes of religism, racism, terrorism and sexism etc have found their way into the fabric of society I need strong minded believers to help me to start the revolution of The Real God. The Real God has revealed that this revolution will be like no other in the history of humankind. This is not a belief, it’s a fact based on prophecy and you are part of making that prophecy a reality.  

Do you feel you have what it takes to help lead this revolution? I believe in you if nobody else does! This is your time! If you always thought you were destined for something greater than the world has led you to believe then join me in the name of The Real God and let’s make real changes that will impact humankind in ways that are unimaginable!

The Religion Of The Real God is here to stay and so am I. It is destined to impact humankind in ways which will change the world as we know it! If you feel you have the qualities to be a leader in this movement then please contact me and I will explain in details what The Real God expects from you next. If you sincerely know love you should feel the message of The Real God in your heart. I really hope that is you! If so contact me right now!

Hope to Speak soon, Prophet Gavin aka The Real Gods Genuine Last Prophet.