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About The Infallible Kiran

The Infallible Kiran is scripture like no other. It is an authoritative new covenant for all humankind conveyed through The Religion of The Real God. A genuine religion of peace like no other on Earth!

The Real God sent this all powerful, all authoritative new scripture to bind all the religious books from the past and unite humankind. The Infallible Kiran is one infallible scripture above all others! One all powerful book to rule over and bind all the religious books of the past for the betterment and unification of all humankind. The Infallible Kiran contains the undeniable literal unaltered infallible words of The Real God.

The Real God has carefully selected a last and final prophet to convey The Religion of The Real God to all humankind. To my own amazement this last prophet is myself. I know I now sound like a complete lunatic but please don’t judge me until you have examined all the evidences that will unfold. The Real God says that you will feel the truth deep in your heart. Please just keep an open mind for now and have faith. I sincerely have no reason to lie. In fact I pride myself on my honesty and integrity as a man. All those I know can vouch for this and in time you will learn also.

For a little bit about my character I can tell you that I pride myself on my honourable nature, honesty and integrity as a man. I have overcome many challenges in my life. For instance due to unfortunate circumstances I have raised 4 kids alone including weekends since they were small babies. This is something I’m very proud of and by saying this, it’s not an attempt to boast by any means but to simply convey that I’m not your typical lunatic with nothing better to do with their time. I love nothing more than spending time with my kids. They are my life and above all things, I am, and always will be the best loving father I can be to my 4 beautiful children.

I have faced many hard trials and tribulations in my life. It’s not been easy by any means but even in the worst of times I never lost hope. I never gave up or lost faith in myself despite all the odds being massively against me since a youngster. Because of these qualities The Real God has chosen me to be its last and final prophet. I honestly don’t feel worthy but The Real God says I have the right qualities of a leader and that I will set a positive example for all humankind, especially the men. The Religion of The Real God is destined to take over the world. This nobody can change. This is the will of The Real God and I won’t let it down. I would sincerely rather die.

The Real God knows I won’t be disheartened by wrongdoers, I won’t be corrupted by evil, and I will never ever give up! I am truly fearless in the face of any evil and have walked the walk many times to be able to talk that talk. I fear no man, no devil, no pain and my life experiences have mentally prepared me for anything.

The Real God has now appointed me with this mission of love and peace, and out of respect (not fear) I will die before I let it down. I swear this on my children! I now understand the path ahead of me. I will have to face many difficult tests, but this is my destiny. This is my fate. This is the will of The Real God. To learn more about me in detail click here for my biography.

The Real God has revealed that in previous scriptures it’s true nature and essence of love for all humankind has been misrepresented which has led to divide and hostility in the name of religion. The Real God says that those guilty of this should be ashamed of themselves and it wants this behaviour to stop immediately. The Real God has revealed The Infallible Kiran to set the record straight and put you on the right path if you have been misguided by immoral teachings and immoral teachers.

After you know the truth of The Real God you will never look at another scripture the same again. The Infallible Kiran is a personal message from The Real God to just for you! The Real God loves you like the greatest of parents and want a relationship with you. Please open your heart and soul to the truth you feel in your heart . The Real God has a special message just for you so please NO NOT IGNORE! To read it CLICK HERE NOW.