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The Real Gods Last Prophet – Prophet Gavin

The Real Gods last prophet is a title I never thought I would be calling myself but The Real God has chosen me and there is nothing I can do about it. However crazy this may sound, I have recently (April/May 2020) started receiving revelations from The Real God. I know that sounds nuts but please be strong in faith for now and keep an open mind. I urge you to logically examine the evidence I put forward before making any conclusions about me or anything I reveal to you.

Firstly, The Real God has revealed to me that I have been appointed as The Real Gods last prophet to establish a new covenant on Earth that has the purpose of uniting humankind and establishing peace in all lands. This new covenant is outlined through the literal words of The Real God in its divine infallible scripture called The Infallible Kiran.

The Real God has revealed that its true religion, The Religion of The Real God will eventually be the world’s primary faith and that I have been appointed as The Real Gods last and final prophet to get the wheels in motion. This was honestly the last thing I was expecting in my life but The Real God has spoken to I’m obligated to take action. I honestly don’t feel worthy of this and have no idea of what the future now holds but I refuse to let The Real God down! The Real God wants me to dedicate my life to spreading the wisdom of The Real God and knowledge of The Infallible Kiran.

How I came to be the last prophet of The Real God:

As mentioned my name is Gavin (now Prophet Gavin). I was born in the UK and am currently 40 years old as of the time of this writing 13/06/2020. Both my parents were born in an African country called Mauritius and immigrated to the UK to work as nurses many years ago. I identify as British/African/Asian so can relate to and speak for diverse cultures. I identify this way as my roots are from Mauritius in Africa, I’m British by nationality as born in the UK and I’m of Asian ethnic origin. There is a long history of slavery in Mauritius so I believe my ancestors were slaves originally taken from either India or the Middle East. As you can imagine, I’m very strongly against slavery of any kind. It never was and never will be right for one human-being to own another. As The Real Gods last prophet I will do everything in my power to make sure that slavery stays a barbaric relic of the past.

If you saw me you would say I’m an Asian of sorts. I won’t be revealing my full name etc just yet due to the initial backlash I expect from those who are in doubt of The Real Gods revelations. I have 4 young children in school so I don’t want any trouble coming their way until it’s firmly established that The Religion Of The Real God is a genuine religion of peace and no threat to any other faith. Some will see it as a threat but upon reflection will understand the wisdom of the scripture and why The Real God has chosen to reveal it. The Real God says that all past scriptures have been inspired by the knowledge of The Real God but what has been revealed in The Infallible Kiran is its literal words for the first time in human history. Never in the past has The Real God revealed directly to a human. I am honored and privileged to be that person and am going to do everything in my power to spread the truth of The Real God and The Infallible Kiran to all humankind in any way I can. This is by the will of The Real God…The Lord of All Lords.

If I had to describe myself I would say I’m a man of nobility who always tries his utmost to be the best person I can be and help others in any way I can. I always act to be a positive role model for my children and never purposely go out to hurt anybody. I always aim to be happy, smiling, joyful, and as pleasant as I can be to everyone in my life. On the flip-side I’m also a very strong character and a fighter at heart who always stands strong in the name of peaceful, non-violent justice for all. I am truly fearless in the face of evil and I don’t get intimidated or fear any devil. I think that these are some of the reasons I have been selected as The Real Gods last prophet.

As far as religion goes, I have always lived my life as an agnostic/atheist. My parents never pushed religion on me and growing up my family always spoke of religion as something silly that I shouldn’t pay much attention to. I was taught right and wrong but not with religion as the foundation. As a child you could say I was against religion and the idea of a supreme being that governed the universe and beyond and tortures people based on their beliefs. It was something I would ridicule. To add to that throughout my life I’ve was given zero reason to believe in The Real God.

I’ve had many lows in my life and have been an innocent victim too many times. Many things, even as a youngster convinced me that there was either no God or that The Real God hated me for some reason. Believe me when I tell you that my life has been an emotional roller coaster and I’ve had to dig deep and find out what I’m made of the hard way. I won’t go into too much detail but there have been many events in my life that convinced me that there was not a God. One example of this is the death of one of my children at birth which was a very traumatic event so say the least and I think something like that would even make a strong believer question their faith. That was a long time ago and I’m now a proud father to 4 beautiful children ages 7, 8, 10 and 14. I have 3 boys and my youngest is a little girl. We have nicknamed ourselves 4 men and a little lady! I say 4 men and a little lady as I’m currently a single father to 4 kids, 7 days a week. I have raised my 4 kids alone since the ages of 1, 2, 4, 8 so I play the role of mum and dad in my household. As The Real Gods last prophet I hope I can set a good example to other parents.

I’m sure that some of you reading this will be able to relate to raising children so you will understand that you need to be able to find a good balance of spending lots of quality time nurturing your kids as well as managing all the nappy changes, bathing, potty training, sleep routines, education, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, homework, school drop-off pickup etc. The joys of parenthood and all a wonderful blessing when you look at things with clear perspective. I am proud to have done all those things for my children since they were babies and I continue to do everything for them as part of my daily routine. Unfortunately my family live a very long way from me so I don’t get much support with my kids but to be honest I love doing everything for them myself. It’s part of what makes me who I am and even in my position as The Real Gods last prophet, I won’t change this.

The Real God says it wants us to love our children more than anything else in our lives just like it loves every one of us. The Real God says our children are the future and are the ones who are going to firmly establish The Religion Of The Real God and pave the way for peace on the Earth. Unfortunately the devil is everywhere and is having a massive impact on Earth so The Real God has sent The Infallible Kiran to save all our souls!

Back to my biography, I have always worked full time to support my children so I can provide them the best life I can for them and so they never go without. As a single parent with 4 children its not always been easy financially but despite any sacrifices we are always grateful for what we had and we are always happy, smiling, joking and are always optimistic despite any predicament life throws at us.

A short time after becoming a single father I made a commitment to self development to better my financial standing so I started studying with the Open University every night until I got qualified. It was a gruelling schedule daily, working full time, coming home, cooking and cleaning for my kids and then having to study till the early hours. To add to that, at the time my youngest were 1 and 2 years old so they were waking up and night one after the other and needing nappy changes etc. I’m sure you can imagine I wasn’t sleeping much in those times! The love and dedication I have for my children kept me awake and strong in mind and motivated me to keep working as I refuse to ever let my children down or see them miserable in life if I can help it! They are my passion and my life!

After getting qualified I managed to secure a very good managerial role in London. I can now provide a great life for all my children despite being a single income household with no benefits. I now have a great job and am proud to have worked really hard to have bettered myself in life so I can be a great role model for my children despite the odds seemingly always being against me. Little did I know that throughout all the struggles and hardship in my life The Real God was watching me this entire time. It was watching everything and was with me through everything. The Real God is watching all of us. I know this now for a fact!!

There are many more trials I faced in my life but to cut a long story short, I have had too many reasons in my life, to not believe in The Real God. Even after digging myself out of so many holes I never once was thankful to any God or attributed my success to anyone other then myself and those who I value in my life. In fact I found it quite stupid that after all my hard work and struggling, I would give credit to divine being who never was there when I needed them.

Now I realise I am the stupid one and am literally eating my words as The Real God has clearly spoken to me and chosen me to establish the Religion Of The Real God on Earth. I still don’t know why it chose an atheist but seems I’m the only person in the world with solid proof that The Real God exists. This is not a belief for me, its a fact! I pray every day that I won’t let The Real God down and that all the choices I make will be the right ones.

Naturally, I don’t expect you to believe me right now as I must sound like a complete lunatic but in time you will believe. In time you will accept the truth. This is by the will of The Real God. I will unveil some of the The Infallible Kiran very soon, most likely by the end of the month where the first 20 revelations will be revealed. I will also have many YouTube videos explaining what The Real God wants from us in detail. The Real Gods words are truly divine. They are unlike any religion on Earth. The Religion Of The Real God is a genuine religion of peace unlike any other. When you read The Infallible Kiran you will know in your heart that you are reading the literal words of The Real God. This I promise you.

The Real Gods Last Prophet – Donations and charity work to help those who need it most:

One thing I would like to make very clear is that I want zero gain from this movement other than the happiness and pride I get from serving The Real God. As The Real Gods last prophet, I’m not here for fortune or fame. I’m just doing as The Real God has commanded. My goal is to help others and not myself. That would go against everything I believe in. I refuse to be corrupted by materialistic gain or anything else. If you want to reward me personally for any efforts I make then please reward me by telling me about some good deeds you have done that were encouraged by the wisdom in The Infallible Kiran.

Any donations, gifts, revenue from YouTube videos will all be donated to charitable causes or used for promotional events to lead to money being raised for charities. I’m going to set things up in a way that there is 100% transparency for all to see so that no money is being skimmed! All finances will be made public. The followers of The religion of The Real God will help decide how any of the money is spent and all receipts will be shown in public view! Too many religions are reported as scamming their followers and are more of a business than a communicator of moral guidance for humankind. This goes against everything The Real God stands for. The Real God wants this to stop!

It’s quite immoral for religious leaders to ask followers for money in exchange for rewards in the afterlife or for time to talk to them. I would be very suspicious of any religion that expects money from you or makes you feel guilty for not donating money. The true message of The Real God is easy for all to comprehend and it’s free for all humankind. You won’t have to ever pay thousands for advanced classes to explain things that made no sense to you. If you can’t understand the wisdom of your scripture, it’s not from The Real God. If The Real God wants you to understand a message it will send it in a way that’s simple, clear and doesn’t have multiple interpretations, textual variations etc The Real God doesn’t make mistakes. It is eternally wise always. Once The Real God reveals something it’s perfect and final.

As The Real Gods last prophet I personally think it’s dishonest to be preaching the message of religion and making any kind of personal financial gain. This includes revenue from YouTube videos etc. I will show all my YouTube earnings live and donate to a charity to prove my honesty in a way that cannot be denied. If you partner with The Real God then nothing is hidden as we have nothing to hide!! Even if YouTube is generating millions from my content I won’t take a penny and am man enough to prove it in the public eye. I hope this helps convey how genuine I am and I hope others preaching on YouTube will follow suit to prove their integrity so nobody can say they have disingenuous intentions. Think about this. If someone is making big money off preaching on YouTube and then tomorrow they stop believing in their heart they could continue to preach without integrity

I am here for peace on Earth and nothing more. This is by the will of The Real God. The Religion of The Real God stands for non-violence, love, peace, honour, justice, compassion and equality for all humankind. It does not stand for any kind of personal financial gain other than for the poor, needy and unheard voices of those facing unnecessary oppression around the world.

We can change the world together. The Real God has spoken and has made its will very clear that it wants us to live in harmony with each other and eliminate the likes of racism, sexism, terrorism and most importantly religism which was the first “ism” which helped birth the mentality that lead to racism, sexism and even slavery. I’m sure all civilised people will agree that sexism, racism, terrorism and religism are as bad as each other.

Yours truly, Prophet Gavin aka The Real Gods Last Prophet

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