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The Religion of The Real God – A genuine religion of peace:

The Religion of The Real God is a genuine all inclusive religion of peace. Many believers deny this but the truth is that The Real God loves all its children equally irrespective of the faith system you subscribe to.

Most believers are born into their religion and haven’t paid much attention to their religions scripture. The Real God knows this is not going to judge you for believing in Jesus, Allah, or even a tomato! That would be unjust to you.

The Real God only judges based on your thoughts and actions. It would be unfair to judge its children based how they found its message of love, compassion, kindness, mercy and acceptance of others. I hope you know this is truth. Anything less would show The Real God has a lack of compassion and understanding for it creation. This is far from the truth. The essence of The Real God is pure love to its core for all it created. Never doubt this fact. The Real God loves you always.