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Who is God’s creator? In depth analysis

Who is God’s creator is a question often on the tip of the tongue of disbelievers and it’s a very valid question. If all things are created, it only stands to reason that The Real God also has a creator right? Well in actual fact that’s wrong! The Real God is the ultimate creator of all things but is also an uncreated being so has no point of creation.

The Real God is eternal with no beginning and no end so to ask who is God’s creator is a bit like asking someone to show you where the right angles are in a circle.  The question itself is an illogical one so doesn’t warrant an answer. The Real God always was, and always will be and therefore has no beginning and no end. The Real God says in The Infallible Kiran:

who is gods creator

The Real God also says:

2.1 In the beginning was I, and I am but one. None were before me, none after will come.

29.1 All life is created, so I’m not alive. I’m unique, eternal, I’m one of a kind.

The Real God makes it very clear to us in The Infallible Kiran that it created all things material and immaterial. Our Lord of all Lords also says in 29.1 All life is created, so I’m not alive.” The Real God is a thinking being but makes it clear that it cannot be classified as “alive” as all living things have an ultimate creator but The Real God does not. By saying this The Real God is separating itself from all created beings showing its uniqueness compared to all others. The Real God is the ultimate uncaused creator so cannot be created. Let’s analyse this statement in more detail for clarity from the point of view of critics.

Who is God’s creator ? – Answering critics: