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Religism – Definition, meaning and why should you be concerned?

Religism is a new buzzword quickly gaining traction among the masses, but what is an accurate religism definition? How does it affect you? What are the implications of religism to humankind? Let’s start by understanding its meaning with a few Religism definitions: 

1.The practice of disliking anyone that is not a member of your religion. Same definition as Racism or Sexism but with religion.

He’s a religist. Anyone who hates people of a religion other than your own is practicing religism.


2.Prejudice based on religious affiliation


3.The expression of fear towards, hatred towards, or discrimination against, persons of a specific religion affiliation, usually a minority faith. Frequently associated with Religism is the belief that persons who follow one religion are inherently superior to those of other religions.


Religism definition in a nutshell?

I think it’s quite clear that religism can be defined in the same manner as racism, sexism or any other ism that discriminates against others unjustly. In the case of religism the focus of the discrimination is religion. 


Is The Real God guilty of religism?

The Real God is 100% against religism, just like it’s 100% against racism, sexism and slavery. The Real God has made it very clear in The Infallible Kiran that it wants us to immediately abolish these evils that have plagued humankind for far too long. Ism’s have taught us to hate one another over petty things that divide humankind.  The Real God is completely against this and makes this clear in its final revelations of The Infallible Kiran. The Real God would be a definitely be a religist (racist for religions) if it tortured you with fire for eternity just for not believing in it. Thankfully The Real God is nothing like this. This now as an objective fact and makes sense as that would only show that The Real God is insecure and lacks self confidence.

We (you and I) are all The Real Gods children and you need to understand this with conviction. This is an objective fact if I ever knew one!  The Real God definitely doesn’t favour any of us over the other based on race, man made religion, or lineage. That would only show that The Real God is a terrible guardian who doesn’t care for its children equally. The Real God is as far from this as possible. 

If you truly understand love, you will feel this in your heart. The Real God has made it very clear that eternal hellfire and any other kind sadistic barbaric primitive punishments are simply a myth used by leaders of the past to scare vulnerable people into aligning with whatever ideology they were trying to propagate. Effectively fear was used to indoctrinate and enslave the vulnerable minded. 

The Real God is very strict with regards to sin and you will have to answer for all your thoughts and actions on Judgement Day but it has now revealed to us that it has a fair and just punishment system where our punishment equals our crime so that we can learn to be 100% righteous in heart and sinless before we enter eternal paradise. (see The Infallible Kiran – Revelation 23 – Judgement Day” for details of The Real Gods fair and just punishment/cleaning system on your judgement day). Only the pure of heart and sinless can enter paradise.

Religism and eternal punishment myths of the past:

Eternal punishment is certainly not something The Real God approves of as that would set a terrible example for humankind. Education is the answer and not torture. In the same way you would never give up hope for or torture your own child, The Real God would never give up hope on you or torture you for eternity as some have been misled to believe. 

The Real God has made it very clear in The Infallible Kiran that hellfire is a myth and goes completely against the eternally merciful nature of The Real God. If you find it hard to believe that The Real God is not a sadistic torturer just think sincerely to yourself if you would torture your own child with fire even for 1 second let alone for eternity. If you have sincere love in your heart you would know that this action would only show a lack of mercy, a failed ability to educate and a deep lack of love and compassion. We don’t torture our kids for a reason. Torture is inhumane and something that The Real God undoubtedly disapproves of.  Torture is a major sin and I don’t think I need to explain why.         

Ultimately, The Real God is the parent of all living things. It loves each and every one of us like a good parent loves their child. Now ask yourself! Would a loving parent love one child over another? Of course not. Great parents treat all their children equally and share their love between their children as best as they can.

All children should be treated as equals and should have the same amount of love from their respective parents. The Real God is not much different and our inner emotions are a reflection of the emotions the The Real God has for us but its love for us is indescribably powerful beyond any love humans are capable of feeling.

The Real God will never give up on you, just like a great parent never gives up on their child, no matter what. The Real God would never mercilessly leave you to suffer for eternity. Only the devil would do such an immoral thing. Never forget that!

Life is just a test so we can understand morality before we enter The Real Gods paradise. In Heaven we are not robots and still have our free will but we just know better and have love, compassion and kindness in our hearts. If The Real God put us straight in heaven with free will it would be what we see on Earth, a disaster!!

Irrespective of which God you pray to The Real God is definitely not a religist so you won’t be tortured for your belief but if your thoughts and actions or the ideology you follow promotes religism then its blasphemous to associate such an ideology to The Real God. You should consider anything inhumane in past scriptures as respected lessons from the past but now abrogated by The Real God for the betterment of humankind.